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The Six Foot Walk On Water Ball
15' x 36
The Shirtpocket Underwater Camcorder
New Harry's Discount
(856) 663-7665
9417 N Crescent Blvd
Pennsauken New Jersey United States USA
(856) 663-7665
New Harry's Discount New Harry's Discount Photos Street Photos
Pennsauken New Jersey United States
Pools & Spas

6 Comments & Reviews

Rating: 4.00

New Harry's Discount Photos
New Harry's Discount Photos
New Harry's Discount Photos Street Photos

New Harry's Discount Comments & Reviews

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6 Comments & Reviews

Rating: 4.00
Shirley Dragon      Fri Jun 3 15:45:06 2011     Reply
I have a 20x40 in-ground vinyl liner pool 3'-8' and I am handicapped which means I can no longer go up and down the 4 pool steps because they are too steep. Do you have something with smaller sized steps that I can either place on the existing steps or a different area in the shallow end so I can use the pool again. Thank You

Chuck McCrory         Wed Jun 30 09:14:44 2010     Reply
He's a nice guy and always willing to help. I have to say that I'd steer away from his list of pool installers.

#1 Guy rand never showed up after we set a date. Never returned phone calls.

#2 Second guy (ASAP) wanted about 500 more then everyone else.

#3 BBS Construction - 2 weeks in I have a puncture in the bottom of my liner...installer din't clear the debri or put enough sand down. Either way I have a hole in the bottom of my brand new pool liner!

Robert Young      Fri May 14 20:29:10 2010     Reply
I am looking for deck pieces to an Esther Williams Pool Part #T-2210 Front coping cover. Need 18 of them. 24' round pool. Have contacted the company which sold out to someone and now we are stuck trying to find parts. Appreciate any help. Thanks Bob

diane      Tue Apr 27 21:10:15 2010     Reply
are you open for business? if so what are your hours. I've called several times and no one answers the phone and there is no recording. What's up with that?

Susan Filtrante      Wed Mar 24 17:05:55 2010     Reply
Harry's isn't closed. I was there just the other day. The guy is my brother-in-law. Not sure why this website is showing them closed. I wrote to them and asked they remove the closed sign.

anne sosalski      Mon Feb 22 18:51:37 2010     Reply
are you closed for the winter or permantely?

New Jersey
New Harry's Discount Pennsauken New Jersey United States

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