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Albanian Talk Now Vocabulary Builder Flash Cards

Albanian Talk Now Vocabulary Builder Flash Cards

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Albanian Talk Now Vocabulary Builder Flash Cards ...
Find Everything Language Related Online The Utlitmate Language Store. If You Can't Find It Here, Then You Can't Find It Anywhere. has anything and everything that you can think of that is language related. From Kids to Adults, to learning, movies/videos, software, translation and more. It is a definite must visit for anyone looking for language resources.

Albanian Talk Now Vocabulary Builder Flash Cards

Albanian Talk Now Vocabulary Builder Flash Cards. CD Rom for Computer. Learning new Albanian words really is child's play with this cartoon disc for 4-12 year olds. Each disc in this 'Vocabulary Builder' includes four favourite childen's stories which youngsters can listen to as the animated action unfolds, but there's much more! You can record yourself narrating the story on screen - then play it back.

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