CEMM Tree Service Inc.
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Residential & Commercial Tree Care

East Brunswick New Jersey
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(732) 432-7331
CEMM Tree Service Inc.
East Brunswick New Jersey United States
7 Comments & Reviews

Rating : 3.57
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CEMM Tree Service Inc.
Residential & Commercial Tree Care
, Bucket Truck Service, Stump Grinding, Lot Clearing, Topping, 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE, All Work Owner Supervised

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7 Comments & Reviews

Rating : 3.57
Tom Carr         Tue Jan 3 11:04:14 2012     Reply
CEMM has done two jobs for me in the last 2 years. Both times they were on time, did a complete job and were courteous the whole time that they were here. Chris knows what he is doing. I received bids from three other companies both times and CEMM was always competitive.

Nancy Biddle         Tue Jul 6 11:57:52 2010     Reply
Cemm removed a very large tree for me. They were punctual, fast and professional. They cleaned up very well, and I got some excellent advice from Chris on other work I need done in my yard. I would highly recommend them.

Erik Mathonis         Wed Jul 15 10:32:26 2009     Reply
Cemm was on time as they promised, professional, very clean and did an excellent job. I had several trees removed for an excellent price. No complaints at all. I highly recommend this company.

Igor Portnoy         Sat Feb 28 14:04:58 2009     Reply
CEMM did a couple of jobs for me. One was a regularly scheduled trimming and another was removal of fallen and hazardous trees after a storm. I am very pleased with advice from Chris, quality of work and speedy service.

Sohil Tiwari         Fri Jul 25 08:01:41 2008     Reply
I agree with the above comments. Same thing happened to me. Unfortunately, I had not read this comments earlier. I hope there is a way I can make him come back and complete the work.

elenore nicholson         Tue May 16 12:21:48 2006     Reply
Would not recommend using CEMM tree service. Over priced. Suggest another tree service.

Elinor & Mel Goldberg         Thu Dec 29 16:14:52 2005     Reply
Chris Elsner who does business as CEMM, Inc. Tree Removal Service did work at our home on June, 18, 2004 and did NOT complete the job as promised. We paid him in full assuming that he would complete the job, but he did not do so. He promised to come back to complete the work, but contined to ignore all the phone calls we made to him. His company did some work on my block several weeks later and I approached them to complete the work for us. His foreman called Chris on the phone to get the ok to complete my work, and we were told that he would come back another day to do so, but needless to say, he never came back. I would NOT recommend this tree removal service to anyone. We recommend you find someone that will do the work that was promised.

CEMM Tree Service Inc. East Brunswick New Jersey United States
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