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Apartments, Apartment Rentals, Apartments For Rent New Jersey United States
Brittany Chase Condominium
Brittany Chase CondominiumNew Jersey United States
8900 Brittany Dr
Wayne New Jersey
United States NJ
(973) 686-1007

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Rating : 5.00

Brittany Chase Condominium Comments & Reviews
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judy   Thu Feb 17 21:33:36 2011
please send me information on renting a two bedroom, thankyou.

Carol K.   Tue Feb 8 17:21:31 2011
Please send me information on renting a two bedroom. Thank you.

maur   Mon Jul 12 07:53:54 2010
please send any info on rentals, any type or situation, a brittany chase. regular rentals or low or moderate income rentals. please send any info that would be helpful thank you

George Mancuso   Tue Sep 20 21:31:12 2005   
As a real estate agent here in Wayne, I get to see all of the condo and townhouse communities. So when it came time for me to purchase a place, for the price I found the Brittany Chase units to be the most desirable. Brittany Chase units are laid out well and include ammenities like a heated pool, tennis, club house and an excerise facility. The location is excellent with several shopping centers located within walking distance. Yet once you enter into the Brittany Chase grounds you leave all of that behind and get to enjoy the quite, well maintained grounds of your own little community. I own a three bedroom townhouse and love it. As a realtor here in town if you would like help locating a property I'm at Weichert Realtors in Wayne. Just ask for George.

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Home, Bed, Bath & Kitchen Needs-Apartments

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Brittany Chase Condominium Wayne New Jersey United States

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