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Amish Farmers Market
(856) 875-0186
Stoltzfus Farm Market
701 N Black Horse Pike
Williamstown New Jersey
United States NJ
(856) 875-0186
Amish Farmers Market Amish Farmers Market Photos Outside 1
Williamstown New Jersey United States
Farmers Markets
27 Comments & Reviews

Rating : 4.88
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Amish Farmers Market
Stoltzfus Farm Market

Amish Farmers Market Photos
Amish Farmers Market Photos
Amish Farmers Market Photos Outside 1 Amish Farmers Market Photos Outside 2 Amish Farmers Market Photos Outside 3 Amish Farmers Market Photos Outside 4

Amish Farmers Market Comments & Reviews

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27 Comments & Reviews

Rating : 4.88
Frank Wasneuski         Wed Nov 5 18:27:10 2014     Reply
Once more I will say ??? A great place to shop,don't forget to pick up something to eat...I have been coming here from the start....

Frank Wasneuski         Wed Sep 10 14:50:08 2014     Reply
Great place love it...

Tyrone         Thu Feb 27 11:35:35 2014     Reply
Enjoyed shopping at market on Saturday. Unfortunately, I left behind a bagged item I had purchased. Is there a place of inquiry for lost items. Thank you.

Geraldine McCusker         Wed Jul 11 09:15:00 2012     Reply
I would like to be on your mailing list for coupons. Love the market place. Everything I buy is delicious. Also like the coffee and any donut for $1...can't beat that!

Doris         Sun Jul 1 22:21:17 2012     Reply
Also please visit the Village Shoppes, attached to the Farmer's Market.

Dyann Jacobs         Tue Mar 20 13:27:57 2012     Reply
Love your market! live in Philadelphia but pay toll just to visit market. We have Reading Terminal market, but its nothing to yours!!!

Gabriella Katona         Fri Oct 21 12:16:53 2011     Reply
The market is on the way to visit our doughter.It is a treat to stop and shop.The market is clean,the food is fresh everybody is hekpful.I would love to get on your coupon list.
thank you gabi

Mary         Wed Oct 12 22:02:42 2011     Reply
I enjoy our trips in the area. We always make a point of shopping for pies and fresh goods. I would also love to get on your coupon list.

wendy collins         Mon Aug 15 13:59:02 2011     Reply
how do I get onto your coupon list

tabby blue         Mon Jun 27 21:46:36 2011     Reply
may i please get on your coupon mailing list?

jim knapp      Tue Jun 14 08:43:29 2011     Reply
i always like to see the amish and watch there horses at work, no matter where they are. ( jim knapp avoca mi. )

Nancy Williams         Tue May 31 16:31:23 2011     Reply
I would like to be on your mailing list. thank you!

Dee         Sat Apr 30 23:10:01 2011     Reply
The cleanest flea market I have ever been to. The food is excellent, fresh and cooked just right. I'll be back!

kris         Sat Apr 16 20:22:58 2011     Reply
i love their Italian sausage...excellent variety of different foods, the bakery is the best...very clean

S         Wed Nov 24 15:47:46 2010     Reply
U sign up for coupons up front , as u proceed in look to your left slightly and u will see a ledge with paper there to give your mailing address.

Nancy Bruner         Thu Nov 18 12:06:52 2010     Reply
I love this place. All of the food is delicious and prices are very reasonable. Lots of food to eat there and to go! All is very fresh and the Amish market is very clean! I also like to walk through the other part of the market because you never know what you'll find!

MARGARET McCOMAS         Wed Nov 17 13:01:03 2010     Reply

Terri LaRue         Thu Oct 7 13:09:27 2010     Reply
love this place!

Frank Wasneuski         Thu Sep 9 13:08:22 2010     Reply
Been going to the market since it has been in Williamstown...It's a great place !!!!!

PATRICIA SHUBERT         Wed Aug 4 13:25:55 2010     Reply
would like to kow about coupons come there often

Beverly Philback         Wed Aug 4 07:54:55 2010     Reply
Wonderful experience. Would like to get on a mailing list for coupons and info.

s rosati         Wed Jul 21 12:04:51 2010     Reply
pLEASE HELP......on july 16th 2010 fri i made a purchase at the candy and spice dept quinoa and another item ...did you hold at counter as my husband never picked it up after paying ou little grandson was handing money to pay...

will be in this week
doyou have??????

Carla J         Sun May 2 09:45:10 2010     Reply
Best everything around! Nice, courtous and very fresh!!!

Liz         Fri Mar 19 10:01:22 2010     Reply
Best sausage and bacon around.
Everything is great.

debbie         Thu Feb 25 16:56:18 2010     Reply
I have to your market twice love it, How do I get on a mailing list with your coupons. Thank You, DEBBIE

Maria Ramirez      Sat Jul 25 16:06:30 2009     Reply
Coming soon to the Amish Market in Williamstown: Handmade gift shop- Got wick? featuring handmade natural & vegan products nicely packaged for gifting! For more information or to buy online, go to

Helen Sampson         Wed Jul 15 13:08:13 2009     Reply
To whom it may concern,
On August 6, 2009 we will be sponsoring out National Night Out for crime along with the Police Department and Municipal Alliance. We are asking if you would like to donate something to this successful event, to help support our local police department. Please feel free to put some of your advertisement as well. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at (856) 728-9840.

Helen Sampson

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