homemade fried fruit
homemade fried fruit
Becky Han
Thank you for your talent and hard work.

I was searching for Inuktitut numbers 1-100 videos on youtube to add content to MasterAnyLanguage.com, and happened to find a video teaching Inuktitut colors by Becky Han. After finding that the video was good, I decidied to visit the Becky Han youtube channel to see if there was any more content. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the moving songs that Becky Han has created. Both her voice and talented play of the guitar, melody, along with the song themes, had me captivated from the moment I started playing the songs Numaasungippunga, A'aa Uummatiga and For you. I recommend you check out Becky Han and her music selections. Thank you Becky for your contributions and sharing and keep up the good work.

Kirk Whalum
Thank you for your talent and hard work.

As life was playing out at the time, there I was, like a boat out at sea. No winds to hit the sails. Holding steady. Food for the soul was running a bit low. Hoping for a tailwind. At exactly that time, perhaps by coincidence (I believe it was Divine intervention), my Dad had recommended I check out Kirk Whalum The Gospel According To Jazz Chapter II DVD, and let me borrow the DVD to watch. I really didn't know what to expect, as the title had Gospel and Jazz in it. It peaked my curiousity. I put the DVD in the DVD player, started it, and that's when the experience began. The sounds of the saxophone, the singers, the pianist, the drummer, guitarist, bass player, and the spirit of the entire event was comforting and captivating. The stage in the performance was filled with talented musicians and artists, which included, of course, Kirk Whalum, playing the lead on the saxophone. It was humbling to see how such a simple selection of songs could be put together to create magical sounds, which were moving and spiritual in nature. For that moment in time, the songs and tunes from the instruments seemed to fill me up with, a kind of settling joy... Amazing. Thank God. From there, I watched over and over, eventually giving the DVD back to my Dad, buying my own, and getting the CD too. I had never heard of Kirk Whalum prior to seeing this DVD. Now, it is clear how talented Kirk is from just the one performance. I recommend you check out the Gospel According to Jazz Chapter II if you are into jazz music, or if you enjoy listening to spiritual songs, or both. There's a mix of instrumentals and vocal songs included. Thank you Kirk for all of your contributions.

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