Think and Grow Rich
I read this book years ago. It has helped give perspective into fundamental characteristics that some successful people have. And gave insight into how strong belief can be when trying to achieve a goal. What the mind of man can conceive and believe, can be done. I recommend for anyone interested in learning from a leadership perspective.

Gregory Hines
Thank you for your talent and hard work.

At a young age, I had seen Gregory Hines in a movie tap dancing, and I knew then he had a talent for tap. Later on, I had the opportunity to see the movie Deal of the Century, and there is one particular scene in that movie (the parking lot scene), where it made a long-standing impression on me about how Gregory the actor (part of the scene) handled the situation. The scenario gave me a certain reference of how situations can escalate and how things can get out of control, but also how some control can be maintained. I watched the scene many, many times. Gregory Hines acted in this role very well, especially during that scene, and it was a paradigm shift from the tap dancer I had seen some years before. Lastly, I realized later on that Gregory had sang alongside of Luther Vandross in the song There's Nothing Better Than Love - which is a song I had heard for years and liked, and didn't realize that Gregory was singing there too. All in all, Gregory demonstrated his talent across a variety of situations and roles, and has left an example of someone that is leveraging all of their talents to express themselves, and the magic created from it. Thank you Gregory for all of your contributions.

Thank you for your talent and hard work.

We had just finished evening lowering of the flags during the color guard daily process. That day was especially exciting because shortly after, there was a dance event scheduled back down in the same location of the campsite. On this week, the Girl Scouts had joined our campgrounds and the dance would be a mixture of both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts .. Girl Scouts joined our campsite for one or two weeks during the summer camp, which was usually 3 months of Boy scouts coming onsite. I was a mid-teen Boy Scout, and worked the full three months there as a counselor and cook in the mess hall. We ran up the heart attack hill which was a long trek of dirt roads and small mountain, to get back to our tents, take showers, put on our finest gear (jeans, button down shirt, cologne, shoes), etc.. then go back down to the campgrounds flag area. My heart was pumping. I was both excited and nervous, would I get a chance to meet a girl... ? Will I get a chance to dance ? As the sun dimmed into the misting evening sunset, the crowd began to set in and the music was playing in the background. A few were bold enough to try and dance, asking each other to go to the grass and dirt dance floor. At that exact moment, I felt my opportunity. The song playing in the background was Always and Forever by Heatwave. There she was across the dance campground. I wanted to be bold, the music was right. Always and Forever, it was my chance. I took a leap of faith, and .. thought about it, should I do it, can I ask her .. as I proceeded, the music played, it's my song, it's the right time .. just as I was about to ask her, the song was ending ... For eee ver eeever evver.. Ever love you... My heart pumped.. You and me , me and you, we as one... Just as the song ended ... I said to her 'Hi'. She said 'Hi' back. Youuuuuuuuu .. And the music stopped... the event was over.. We smiled at each other, never actually danced, and waved each other goodbye. I missed my opportunity to dance on the grass and dirt, but at least I said 'Hi'. And I would remember that Always and Forever. It was magical. The song by Heatwave Always and Forever remains special and magical to me. Heatwave is very talented and that is demonstrated in the rhythm of that specific song, and the other songs they've created. Thank you Heatwave for all of your contributions and for using our ears to capture beauty within our hearts and souls.

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